Unique Text Logo Design

Unique Text Logo Design

Logos play an important role in branding. They may look small but the impact that they will have over your corporation will be massive. That is why you need to make sure that the business mark that you create is a symbol that is distinct and edgy.

But how should you design your company trademark if you want to make it long lasting and classic?

You should use a text logo design!

Images have the tendency to steal the focus away from your company name and effects like 3 dimensional or origami can look out of fashion with time. If you want design type that is long lasting and classic then you need to craft text based monograms for your corporation.

The best part about text based symbols is that they offer a greater margin for creativity along with being sophisticated and timeless.

But how should you craft your business emblem?

We have a few ideas:

• Use Blank Spaces Wisely:

There are blank spaces in all logos especially the text based ones. Blank spaces are the gaps between two letters or words or around them.

You should never under estimate their power. If you think that these spaces are useless, then you will never be able to create a clever logo.

Customers like monograms that are clever and by using the blank spaces wisely, you are making them appealing to your audience. For example, take the FedEx emblem where they have cleverly placed an image of an arrow pointing right which represents 'moving forward' or 'going from one place to another'. Only this tiny arrow has made this symbol one of the most famous trademarks of the world.

Similarly, look at the Formula 1 emblem where red stripes are used to symbolize the number 1 which gives the illusion of speed.

• Incorporate Your Company Values Or Unique Product Features:

Text emblems are also a great forum to incorporate the unique features of your company or product in your brand mark. For example, take a look at the Unilever trademark. It may look simple at first sight on but if you look carefully you will see that the letter U consists of small images of trees, fruits, birds, and flowers that represent a healthier and natural life style which is what the corporation commits to its customers. So find ways to incorporate unique product feature in your monogram with the help of small images or icons.

• Use Initials:

Do you know what KFC, HP or BP mean?

Do you know what JWT represents or what two backward intersecting letters Cs signify?

If your business name is long or contains more than one word, then it is a good idea to use initials in your brand mark. Acronyms can make text logo and brand name easy to remember and pronounce which can give your brand a longer life and create a personal relationship with the customers as they look at initials as nicknames of the company.

In conclusion, don't be afraid to get creative with your text based monogram to make it distinct from your competitors and give it timeless beauty.

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