Wedding Logo Ideas

Wedding Logo Ideas

The typical pattern of wedding monograms is the use of the couple's name initials on a light colored background. Even though it looks elegant and sophisticated, that style has been overdone. So how can you add a little zest to the pattern while keeping it old fashioned and traditional?

Remember, for the couple's symbols, it's the little things that make the difference.

Even if you're using the same typical pattern that everyone else is, you can add distinctness in your design by using add some of your personal touch.

Follow the below mentioned wedding logo ideas and make your big day unique and special:

• How should the initials or name be?

Using the bride and groom's initials with the couple's last name initial in the center is a classic and elegant way to design the monogram but you can also overlap the couple's initials together with their family name watermarked in the background so make the design subtly different. You can also eliminate the family name from the design and use the two initials in two different lines with a curvy looking '&' in the center. This will make your design look elegant, stylish and sophisticated.

• How should the fonts and its size be?

Use fonts that are curvy as they will add a surreal and fantasy like aura to your brand mark. The font style that would look most appropriate is script fonts that resemble handwriting so that the emblem design looks personal and individual. The size of the font on the emblem should be large enough to be clearly readable but small enough so that it does not over whelm the entire design.

• How should the border be?

Using a square shaped border is boring and very generic.

Instead of using that, you can experiment with different shapes. You can border the emblem with a flowerlike shape or surround the design with a diamond, heart or a soft edged star. For the border design, instead of using the basic lines, you can use a wreath, flowers, waves or small stripes to surround the design. Whichever border style you use, make sure that it is minimal and intricate so that it does not take the attention away from the initials.

• How should the images be?

Use a small image or symbol in the monogram to further enhance your image. You can couple the initials with small wedding bells, butterflies or doves to add a little imagination to the design. You can also use a Victorian top hat with the groom's initial and a small bouquet of flowers for the bride's. You may try to find appropriate images through the several wedding logo maker available online but don't be surprised if they don't give you the same high quality output that a professional designer might.

• What colors to use?

The best tip here is to use colors accordingly to your personality as a couple. If you are daring and bold as a couple then you can use a dark shade like red, if you can be described as soft and gentle then use a shade that defines that like pink or champagne color. Don't be afraid to experiment with new and dark colors as they will only add distinctness to the event monogram.

So, there you have a few ideas to add a little zest to the same traditional design for the most special day of your life.

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